Yes I do know I spelled tomarrow with an " A ". That's because I think it looks better. Life is too short to worry if I spelled something according to Wikipedia or Webster. It's not like they are going to check it or grade me on my spelling. At My age I don't think it has to be an issue anyway. Creativity is my daily adventure and it allows me to create new words to describe my days of old or new. I have my own dictionary called The Book Of Toneekeary along with a sidekick of Toneekeisms. Now see how fun that is.

As an artist I take great pleasure in making others think... puzzling the minds in wonderment or confusion one. I can only laugh. I would rather write the queens language anyway. So before tomarrow comes everyone should make up just one word and use it and share it for the next few hours and see what response you get. Most people really won't know if it is a word or not. Now I shall go create more works to sell and share.
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