Just wanted to share a dance with the universe today, with everyone who enters into my world and journey. As you read this update you may wonder what it has to do with Art. Feeling so honored to have a teacher from my days of Youth reconnect with my world. As young people there are things some take for granted and perhaps never realize how important they are as individuals to the world of Life.

Teachers have a unique job, they give their lives to the instruction of the young souls they can hope to imprint with social readiness and wisdom. All too often they are forgotten. But not in my world. People in my life's journey are all remembered. I may not always remember a name, but I NEVER forget a voice or a face. ( photographic memory is a good thing ).

I my world is a place for each person who influenced me the most. Whether it be a kind gesture, a compliment or the realization that someone really cares about a persons life and where it goes.

I asked a classmate from way back when how they could remember me if they barely ever spoke to me. He simply said he respected me because I was not like the rest of the girls. I had to chuckle in what he meant. He said I was cheerful, and kind, and happy, and unique. My teacher seemingly said something similar.

You see these are two examples of people I admire, not for their words to me, but because they are real... and took their lives on a positive journey. They are a part of my life's canvas and are what my journey is about. Positive energy!!

The sad thing is that a lot of people who touch our lives in this time that we build memories, if we do not share with them the things that we appreciated, they may never know if they reached their goal. To simply express ones gratitude or simple thanks to those who touched our souls and lives can make a difference. I always want them to know THEY MADE A DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE !!

You see my art would have no breath if I didn't have anything to apply to my canvas, it is the bits and pieces of my being and imprinting that brought me to where I am today with my art and the great souls who honored me with a chance to include them in my journey of Life.

This is a picture of me at 15 with my painting encouraged by positive energy of those WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE.

I believe if I touched one soul, I completed my purpose.



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