Of course I would rather be creating then doing the website, but I have also come to understand I have to work on the site as well... or it will never get done. I have waited on other designers forever to work on my sites, and come to the conclusion I have to do it myself.

      Now I have fallen to my own nasty habit of not working on the site. So I have made up my mind to try and work on entering more items to the pages so you won't get bored. I am getting ready for a very big exhibit roughly about 50 pieces or a few more. These works have been in creative motion since September of 2010 and are  all new, unseen by the public.
      My biggest set back since beginning all the new works for the exhibit is people have been buying a lot of them before I could get then framed and wrapped. I am definitely not complaining. Selling my works make me extremely happy, not just because they sold but they found their rightful home, a place they will enjoy hanging for the rest of their duration of being together with someone who will cherish them forever.
      Yes I talk as if my paintings are alive... aren't they? That is why people are drawn to art because there is something about the work that spoke to them. When I create the works, they speak to me, it may be a color or a shape or perhaps a unique twist to something I would have never thought about painting. I create what I can see in the background, there is no preconceived idea about what I will paint only that something will reach out and touch the brush to put into a visual form that will touch the soul of others. You can share my journey as it travels on by being patient as I get this site up and going.... but mostly Thank You for wanting to see what my works are about and being kind enough to return.



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