When autumn shows her cresting beauty, my eyes never cease to be amazed. I don't just see color, I see how each leaf is designed right down to it's veins. The trees have been in a lot of my paintings this year along with horses and water. My analysis is one of strength and clarity. Trees are strong and sturdy ( except  the part that fell and hit me in the head  a couple months ago. ) Horses are strong animals and have a lot of graceful beauty not only in appearance but in movement. Water well that usually means a time of cleansing and a natural use of energy that moves the soul and creativity.
      November has become a very busy month by surprise. My art is on exhibit and for sale in three locations in two states. On Monday November the 14th, I had received notification that one of my works was accepted into another National Show I was surprised when I won a First Place Blue Ribbon this past Tuesday Night for the art of recycling competition, it was just fun creating the pieces and sharing them with the world.
      But the funniest thing that has happened to me this month is... What does an artist do when locked in the most unwanted place ... she gets creative   .... it goes a little like this....Knock Knock who's there?.....OK I will share a very big laugh this morning... While at Ingles grocery store yesterday afternoon, I went to ladies room, used the stall closest to door, as I tried to exit my throne room...the door would not unlock... I was stuck in the stall, ... I began to laugh and say oh no this is not happening.. talking to myself I am having this conversation saying over again " do you believe this crap " now who will hear me in here ... how often does someone come in here?.. ok look at bottom of door... oh no you don't your big butt is not getting on the floor and trying to squeeze outa here .. I looked at the top and said " your too short , don't even think about it "... then I said to myself... wait I have a cell phone, I can call the Mr and have him get the manager to get me out... I called and about that time the door unlocked and let me free... That was pretty weird but one time I can say thank goodness for a cell phone... LOL.. the laugh was on me.
Have a Great Thanksgiving or whatever the holiday may be to you.



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